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Fishery Limits 2023

2023 Pacific Halibut Fishery Limits (FCEY) Report

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Year-to-Date Directed Commercial Pacific Halibut Landings (AK, BC, WA, OR, CA) visualization

Mortality reported against fishery limits (FCEY) outlined in the IPHC Fishery Regulations (2023). Fishery limits (FCEY) result from the IPHC-adopted distributed mortality (TCEY) limits and the existing Contracting Party catch sharing arrangements.

Quota Share Commercial Fisheries

The 2023 quota share Pacific halibut fisheries opened on 10 March 2023. The following commercial landings, by weight and number of landings, have been reported from the Alaskan Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ) and Community Development Quota (CDQ) fisheries and from the British Columbian Individual Vessel Quota (IVQ) fishery to date.