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Fishery Limits Report 2023

Fishery limits (FCEY) result from the IPHC-adopted distributed mortality (TCEY) limits and the existing Contracting Party catch sharing arrangements.

Landings 2022

2022 Pacific Halibut Landings (Last Updated 17 January 2023).

Landings 2021

2021 Pacific Halibut Landings (Last Updated 01 March 2022).

Landings 2020

Pacific Halibut Landings (Last Updated 01 March 2021).

Landings 2019

2019 Pacific Halibut Landings (Last Updated 02 March 2020).

Landings 2018

2018 Pacific Halibut Landings (Last Updated 22 March 2019).

Time Series Datasets

FISS information, fishery information, management information, biological information, region-specific information.

Modelled FISS Stock Distribution by Biological Region

Modelled FISS stock distribution by biological region, all sizes.

Pacific Halibut Mortality by Source 1888-present

Pacific Halibut removals by source.

Subsistence Fisheries

Time-series of subsistence Pacific halibut removals.

Pacific Halibut Recreational Fisheries Data

IPHC regulatory area and year- head-off, dressed weight; 2013-2022.

Directed Commercial Datasets

Directed commercial landings and directed commercial openings.

Fishery-independent Setline Survey (FISS) Data

Interactive data visualizations.

FISS All Species NPUE

FISS NPUE (count/100-hook skate)

FISS Survey - Raw Survey Data

Customize your FISS data output file.

FISS Performance

Fishery-independent Setline Survey (FISS) timing.

Secretariat FISS Data

Fishery-independent Setline Survey (FISS) datasets.

FISS - Catch Per Unit Effort

Overview guide, map usage tips, data plots, etc.

FISS Biologicals – Maps and Plots

Explore IPHC FISS Pacific halibut biological data.

FISS - Pacific Halibut Data

Fishery-independent Setline Survey (FISS) – Raw Pacific halibut data.

Water Column Profiler Data

The IPHC conducts an annual Fishery-independent Setline Survey (FISS) typically from Oregon northward to the Gulf of Alaska, along the Aleutian Island chain, and into the Bering Sea.

Geospatial Data

Geospatial Data – Regulatory and Statistical areas.

Data Partnerships

Oceanographic Data, Commercial Sex-Marking Data, Seabird Observations, NOAA Fisheries Groundfish Trawl Surveys.

NOAA Groundfish Trawl Surveys Data Partnerships

The IPHC partners with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to collect Pacific halibut data during their groundfish bottom trawl surveys conducted in the summer months. 

Data Request Tracker

Requests, affiliations, resolutions, etc.

Directed Commercial Pacific Halibut Fisheries

Interactive data visualizations.

Directed Commercial Landed Weight and WPUE

Commercial Pacific halibut WPUE data from available fishing logs.

Directed Commercial Pacific Halibut Length and Age Statistics

Directed commercial Pacific halibut length and age distributions.

Year to Date Directed Commercial Landing Patterns (All Regions)

Percentage of directed commercial Pacific halibut fishery limit landed by week of the year.

Treaty Tribal Directed Commercial Pacific Halibut Length and Age Statistics

Treaty commercial Pacific halibut length and age distributions.