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The International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) is an international organization established by a Convention between Canada and the United States of America.


The IPHC Convention was signed on 2 March 1923 (by both Contracting Parties).


The Commission, including its Subsidiary Bodies, are supported by an Executive Director and Secretariat staff.


Current and previous Commissioners for Canada and the United States.

Executive Directors

The Executive Director and previous Directors.


Staff organisation and structure.

Merit Scholarship

The IPHC funds several Merit Scholarships to support university, technical college, and other post-secondary education.

Performance Monitoring

In 2011, the International Pacific Halibut Commission agreed to implement a process of Performance Review.

Cooperation with Other Organisations

IPHC has arrangements with other institutions to conduct activities in cooperation or to facilitate exchange of information to enhance the output of both organisations.


IPHC has granted a number of permits to other institutions to capture or use Pacific halibut for any purpose not included in the IPHC Fishery Regulations.

Outreach and Education

Pacific Halibut and the Ocean Ecosystem is a unit of curriculum focused on the Pacific halibut fishery.


Photos, Videos, Logos, and Social Media.