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Structure of the Commission

IPHC Structure

The Commission, including its Subsidiary Bodies, are supported by a Secretariat led by the Executive Director.

Contracting Parties

The IPHC currently consists of six members, three appointed by each Contracting Party (the Governor General of Canada and the President of the United States of America), who serve their terms at the pleasure of the Contracting Party. 

Subsidiary bodies

Pursuant to the IPHC Rules of Procedure, the Commission has established subsidiary bodies as listed below. The Terms of Reference for the subsidiary bodies are contained within the IPHC Rules of Procedure.

Links to reports and documents from subsidiary body meetings can be found by visiting our Meetings Page or our Document Library.  

The Management Strategy Advisory Board (MSAB) consists of individuals representing harvesters (commercial, sport, and subsistence), fisheries managers, processors, IPHC Secretariat, science advisors and other experts as required. The primary roles of the MSAB are to:

       a. Suggest topics to be considered in the Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) process, within the scope of the MSAB.

       b. Provide the IPHC Secretariat with direct input and advice on current and planned MSE activities.

       c. Represent constituent views in MSE process.


The Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure for this subsidiary body are contained within the IPHC Rules of Procedure.



The Scientific Review Board (SRB) is comprised of members of the scientific community who provide an independent scientific peer review of Commission science/research proposals, programs, and products. The Terms of References and Rules of Procedure for this subsidiary body are contained within the IPHC Rules of Procedure.


The Research Advisory Board (RAB) is composed of members of the Pacific halibut community. Members may include commercial, guided sport, unguided sport/recreational, subsistence, and First Nations/Tribal interests, that 1) suggest research topics to be considered for incorporation in the IPHC integrated research and monitoring activities, as well as to comment upon operational and implementation considerations of those research and monitoring activities; and 2) provide the IPHC Secretariat staff (who participate in Sessions of the RAB as Observers) with direct input and advice from industry on current and planned research activities contemplated for inclusion in the IPHC 5-Year program of integrated research and monitoring. 

The Rules of Procedure for this subsidiary body are contained within the IPHC Rules of Procedure.



The Conference Board (CB) consists of individuals who represent Pacific halibut harvesters organisations. Members may include commercial, guided sport/recreational, unguided sport/recreational, subsistence, and First Nations/Tribal interests. The CB provides a forum for the discussion of management and policy matters relevant to Pacific halibut and provide advice to the Commission on management and policy matters relevant to Pacific halibut.

The Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure for this subsidiary body are contained within the IPHC Rules of Procedure.



Terry Henshaw

Annieville Halibut Association (AHA) Canada

Christa Rusel

A-Tlegay Fisheries Society (AFS) Canada

Bruce Turris

BC Commercial Integrated Groundfish Society (CIGS) Canada

Lorne Iverson

BC Halibut Longline Fisherman’s Assoc. (BHLF) Canada

Robert Hauknes

BC Northern Trollers Association (NTA) Canada

Tiare Boyes

BC Tuna Fishermen's Association (TFA) Canada

Ted Brookman

BC Wildlife Federation Canada

Tom Russel

Canadian Sablefish Association (CSA) Canada

Shawn Cowpar

Council of the Haida Nation (CHN) Canada

Darryl Tate

Dididaht First Nation (DFN) Canada

David Boyes

Halibut Advisory Board (HAB) Canada

Ken Wing

Hook and Line Groundfish Association (HLGA) Canada

Nicole Frederickson

Island Marine Aquatic Working Group Canada

Alan Carl

Northern Halibut Producers Association (NHPA) Canada

Cliff Atleo

Nuu-Chah-Nulth Tribal Council (NTC) Canada

Quinton Sample

Pacific Coast Fishing Vessel Owners Guild (PCFVOG) Canada

Chris Sporer

Pacific Halibut Management Association of BC (PHMA) Canada

Gerry Kristianson

Sport Fishing Advisory Board - Main (SFABM) Canada

Mike Fowler

Sport Fishing Advisory Board - North (SFABN) Canada

Chuck Ashcroft

Sport Fishing Advisory Board - South (SFABS) Canada

Angus Grout

Steveston Halibut Association (SHA) Canada

Owen Bird

Sport Fishing Institute of BC (SFI) Canada

Cristopher Bos

South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition (SVIAC) Canada

Russell Cameron

The United Fishermen And Allied Workers' Union – Unifor (UFAWU/UNIFOR) Canada

Lyle Pierce

Vancouver Island Longline Assoc. Canada

Deryk Krefting

West Coast Fishing Guides Association (WCFGA) Canada


Layton Lockett

Adak Community Development Corporation U.S.A.

Garrett Lambert

Alaska Charter Association (ACA) U.S.A.

Dan Falvey

Alaska Longline Fisherman's Association U.S.A.

Rebecca Skinner

Alaska Whitefish Trawlers Association (AWTA) U.S.A.

Angel Drobnica

Aleutian Pribilof Island CDA U.S.A.

Myron Melovidov

Aleut Coorporation of Saint Paul Island (ACSPI) U.S.A.

Leonard Herzog

Area 4 Concerned Harvesters U.S.A.

Steve Ricci

Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation (BBEDC) U.S.A.

Duncan Fields

Cape Barnabas, Inc U.S.A.

Brian Richie

CATCH Association (CA) U.S.A.

Ray Melovidov

Central Bering Sea Fishermen's Association U.S.A.

Dave Croonquist

Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) U.S.A.

Joel Kawahara

Coastal Trollers Association (CTA) U.S.A.

Paul Wilkins

Coastal Villages Region Fund (CVRF) U.S.A.

Marc Carrel

Cordova District Fishermen United U.S.A.

John Bruce

Deep Sea Fishermen’s Union of the Pacific (DSFU) U.S.A.

Michael Offerman

Edmonds Veteran Independent Longliners (EVL) U.S.A.

Per Odegaard

Fishing Vessel Owners Assoc. (FVOA) U.S.A.

Chad See

Freezer Longliner Coalition U.S.A.

Kevin Burchfield

Juneau Charterboat Association (JCBA) U.S.A.

Tom Gemmell

Halibut Coalition Inc. U.S.A.

Daniel Donich

Homer Charter Association U.S.A.

Mary Marking

Humbolt Area Saltwater Anglers (HASA) U.S.A.

Kiril Basargin

K Bay Fishermen Association U.S.A.

Linda Kozak

Kodiak Vessel Owners Association (KVOA) U.S.A.

Jim Hubbard

Kruzof Fisheries (KRUZOF) U.S.A.

Garrett Elwood

Next Generation Fishermens Association (NGFA) U.S.A.

Malcolm Milne

North Pacific Fisheries Association U.S.A.

Megan O'Neil

Petersburg Vessel Owners Association U.S.A.

Jim Martin

Recreational Fishing Alliance - National U.S.A.

Tom Marking

Recreational Fishing Alliance - California U.S.A.

Paul Clampitt

Sablefish and Halibut Pot Association (SHPA) U.S.A.

James Carter Hughes

Seafood Producers Coop (SPC) U.S.A.

Kathy Hansen

SE Alaska Fishermen's Alliance U.S.A.

Phillip Wyman

Sitka Halibut & Black Cod Marketing Association U.S.A.

Forrest Braden

Southeast Alaska Guides (SEAGO) U.S.A.

Jeff Kauffman

St. Paul Fishermen's Association U.S.A.

Simeon Swetzof JR.

Tribal Government of St. Paul U.S.A.

Jeff Stephan

United Fishermen's Marketing Association (UFMA) U.S.A.

Landry Price

Yukon Delta Fisheries Association U.S.A.

The Processor Advisory Board (PAB) represents the commercial Pacific halibut processing industry from Canada and the United States of America. Members of the PAB are buyers who process and/or custom process, Pacific halibut caught in the Convention Area, including associations with at least one (1) member that meets these criteria. It advises the Commission on issues related to the management of the Pacific halibut resource in the Convention Area. The PAB shall foster a cooperative relationship, better understanding, and a spirit of mutual benefit among seafood processors, fishers, the Commission, and all other stakeholders.

The Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure for this subsidiary body are contained within the IPHC Rules of Procedure.






The Finance and Administration Committee (FAC) advises the Commission on such matters of an administrative and financial character as are remitted to it by the Commission and annually examines the operating budget for the current year, as well as the draft budget for the ensuing and following year.

The Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure for this subsidiary body are contained within the IPHC Rules of Procedure.

 Observers and the general public

The Commission and its subsidiary bodies are open to Observers and the general public unless the Commission specifically decides otherwise.

The Commission may, upon their request, invite the following Observers in their official capacity:

  1. Any State or any other entity that has jurisdiction over waters adjacent to the Convention Area;
  2. Other States with an interest in the work of the Commission that are not Contracting Parties of the Commission, invited by the Commission;
  3. Other regional fisheries management organisations and other relevant governmental or intergovernmental organisations, invited by the Commission;
  4. Non-governmental organisations having special competence in the field of activity of the Commission, to attend such of its meetings as the Commission may specify.

Any Observer to a meeting of the Commission, or of the general public, may submit memoranda as either Regulatory Proposals, Position Statements or Information Papers, no later than 30 days prior to the commencement of the session.

Observers and the general public may participate in the deliberations of the Commission and its subsidiary bodies during the Observer and public testimony periods, but shall not be entitled to participate in the taking of decisions.

The Commission may enter into agreements or arrangements with other inter-governmental organisations and institutions, especially those active in the fisheries sector, which might contribute to the work and further the objectives of the Commission. Such agreements or arrangements may provide that these organisations or institutions may be represented as Observers in the Sessions of the Commission.