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IPHC News Releasea 2017-06 Washington Coast Sport Fisheries Update: Season EXTENSION

12 May 2017

Washington Sport Fisheries to Reopen on 21 May 2017

In the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) Marine Area 2 (Westport-Ocean Shores) all-depth primary fishery, WDFW estimates that 27,235 pounds were landed during the 4 May 2017 and 6 May 2017 openings, leaving an estimated 21,072 pounds available for potential harvest from the quota allocation. The preliminary catch estimate by WDFW for the Washington North Coast primary sport Pacific halibut fishery in WDFW Marine Areas 3 (La Push) and 4 (Neah Bay) during 4 May 2017 and 6 May 2017 was estimated at 43,517 pounds, leaving an estimated 72,082 pounds available for potential harvest.  The preliminary catch estimate in WDFW Marine Areas 5-10 (Puget Sound) was 23,764 pounds, leaving an estimated 41,198 for potential harvest.

While preliminary estimates in all these areas for the 11 May 2017 opening have not yet been estimated, fishery managers anticipate remaining pounds will sustain one more day of fishing. Therefore, the Washington South Coast (WDFW Marine Area 2) primary sport fishery, the Washington North Coast (WDFW Marine Areas 3and 4), and Puget Sound (WDFW Marine Areas 5-10) will reopen for one day on Sunday, 21 May 2017.  The WDFW fishery managers will then review the catch and announce if sufficient quota remains for further openings.

The recreational Pacific halibut fishery remains open in WDFW Marine Area 1 (Ilwaco) Thursdays through Sundays at all depths, and Mondays through Wednesdays in the nearshore area.

For more information, refer to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife website:

In all marine areas open to Pacific halibut fishing, there is a one-fish daily catch limit and no minimum size restriction.

Due to the short notice nature of this notification, it is posted to the IPHC website only, and no paper copy will be mailed out.




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Washington Sport Fisheries to Reopen on 21 May 2017



13 May 2017


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