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IPHC News Release 2019-014 Non-Tribal Directed Commercial Fishery in IPHC Regulatory Area 2A: Fishing Period Limits for 24 July 2019

17 July 2019

The International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) has established fishing period limits for the 24 July 2019 fishing period for the non-tribal directed commercial fishery (the fishery) in IPHC Regulatory Area 2A.

2019 Fishery statistics:

  • The 2019 total allocation for this fishery is 115.41 tonnes (254,426 pounds).
  • A total of 94.80 tonnes (209,000 pounds) were landed during the 26 June and 10 July 2019 fishing periods.
  • A total of 20.6 tonnes (45,426 pounds) remains to be caught.

The IPHC has determined that a third fishing period on 24 July 2019 is feasible with a reduced fishing period limit per vessel. Given the variables within this fishery, a single limit for all vessel classes has been applied, thus allowing the same opportunity to all 2019 license holders to fish the remaining allocation of 20.6 tonnes (45,426 pounds).

The third fishing period will each begin at 08:00 hrs and end at 18:00 hrs Pacific Daylight Time, on the 24 July 2019. The fishery is restricted to waters south of Point Chehalis, Washington (46°53.30’ N. latitude). Fishing period limits as indicated in the following table will be in effect for the 24 July 2019 fishing period:

Vessel ClassFishing period catch limit
LengthLetterNumber of licenses for 2019Dressed, head-on with ice/slime (pounds)Dressed, head-on with ice/slime (metric tons)

The appropriate vessel length class and letter are printed on each vessel license. The fishing period limit applies to the vessel, not the individual fisher, and any landings over the vessel limit will be subject to forfeiture and fine.

The fishing period limit is shown in terms of dressed, head-on weight, and fishers are reminded that regulations require that all Pacific halibut be landed with the head naturally attached. There is a 72-hour rule, whereby a vessel that will be used in the fishery may not be used to fish for any species of fish anywhere in IPHC Regulatory Area 2A during the 72-hour period immediately before the non-tribal directed commercial fishing period unless all catch of other species has been completely offloaded or the vessel has submitted to a hold inspection by an authorized officer prior to the start of the fishing period (see Pacific Halibut Fishery Regulations 2019, sections 20(7) and 20(8)).

NOAA Fisheries has implemented mandatory area closures that are in effect for the directed Pacific halibut fishery to protect specific rockfish species. For the exact coordinates of the closed areas, please refer to their webpage: For further information, call the NOAA Fisheries hotline at 1 800-662-9825, then press “7” for the Pacific halibut fisheries.

Following the 24 July 2019 fishing period, the IPHC may establish and announce fishing period limits for subsequent fishing periods in 2019, dependent upon allocation remaining for the fishery.

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David T. Wilson, Ph.D.
Executive Director, IPHC
Phone: (206) 634-1838
Fax:     (206) 632-2983




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Non-Tribal Directed Commercial Fishery in IPHC Regulatory Area 2A: Fishing Period Limits for 24 July 2019

17 July 2019


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