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IPHC News Release 2017-04 Survey Halibut Sales in 2017

31 March 2017


The International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC, or Commission) will be conducting research operations off northern California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska during 2017 and will be selling Pacific halibut caught and sampled during the operations to offset costs associated with conducting the research. This news release is intended to notify industry of the IPHC plan to sell fish and to update lists of interested buyers in ports where IPHC-chartered boats will offload catch.

Approximately 15 vessels will be involved in the research stock assessment survey, with landings between early June and early September. Average trip poundage for Pacific halibut will range from 5,000 to 35,000 pounds, plus lesser amounts of rockfish and Pacific cod. All of the fish will be well-iced, and the Commission will attempt to keep all of the fish less than six days old when selling into fresh fish markets. Older fish may be landed when selling into frozen markets or as required by specific projects. The age of fish will always be communicated in the sales announcement. Suggestions from industry on how the IPHC can maximize fish quality or improve fish sales procedures are welcome.

Sales will be awarded based on our objectives of achieving a fair market price and distributing sales among buyers and ports. Sale agreements will be based on prices at the time of the sale. The Commission will not enter into any consignment or profit-sharing arrangements. The Commission plans to contact interested Pacific halibut buyers prior to each landing. Preferences will be given to buyers with a history of successfully marketing Pacific halibut and following ethical business practices. In awarding sales, the Commission will consider: (1) price; (2) the number of years buyers have been buying and marketing Pacific halibut; (3) how fish are graded at the dock, including the determination of No. 2 Pacific halibut and chalky fish; and (4) promptness in settlements following deliveries. Obtaining a fair market price will be a primary consideration in awarding fish sales, but the Commission may award sales to buyers with slightly lower prices in consideration of the factors listed above. The Commission will also attempt to distribute sales among as many qualified buyers as possible, subject to fair market value. For deliveries in Washington and Oregon, fish from all offloads may be awarded to a single buyer.

All buyers (including those with past IPHC sales history) interested in purchasing IPHC research fish in 2017 should complete the attached Interested Buyer Form and mail, fax, or email to Eric Soderlund ( at the Commission before 1 May 2017. It may be easiest for you to complete this form online ( Replying to this news release will ensure you are kept informed of purchasing opportunities throughout our field season. For further information, please contact Eric Soderlund at (206) 552-7678.




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IPHC notifies Industry of halibut sales in 2017 and seeks buyers interested in IPHC research fish



30 March 2017


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