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A quarterly newsletter series that highlights current IPHC activities, provides spotlight interviews with Secretariat members and industry professionals and serves as a reminder for upcoming meetings and events.

Newsletter Fall 2022

For Fall of 2022, the IPHC has been back to near-normal function following the decreased in-person activities because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The fishery-independent setline survey (FISS) and field research were successfully conducted, the IPHC Secretariat welcomed a new Assistant Director, and Mr. Jon Kurland was appointed as a U.S.A. Commissioner. Click the above image learn more.

Newsletter Winter 2023

For the Winter 2023 newsletter, the Scientific Review Board, Management Strategy Advisory Board, and Research Advisory Board met and provided their detailed reports to the Commission. Click the above image to learn more.

Newsletter Spring 2023

For the Spring 2023 newsletter, the winter meeting season brought with it a return to in-person attendance for the 99th Session of the IPHC Annual Meeting (AM099). Click the above image to learn more.


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