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Tom Kong, B.Sc.

Fisheries Data Specialist


The Fisheries Data Specialist (HQ) positions are responsible for a range of data entry, verification, and reporting roles covering commercial, recreational, subsistence, and bycatch data, and reports directly to the Fisheries Data Coordinator.

Fisheries Data Specialist – (HQ-GIS) This position is responsible for all internal and external data requests that originate from others requesting IPHC data as well as requests that originate from IPHC to external parties. This position is responsible for producing maps, and map products as part of data requests. Additionally, one-quarter to one third of this position’s time includes data entry, including entering a variety of data accurately into the IPHC databases.

  • International Pacific Halibut Commission, 1988 – present
    • Fisheries Data Specialist (Field)
    • Age reader
    • Data biologist
    • Canadian port supervisor
  • B.Sc., University of British Columbia

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