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Joan Forsberg, B.Sc.



The Otolith Laboratory Technician (Snr) is responsible for all activities related to otolith laboratory and reports directly to the FDSB Manager.

  • International Pacific Halibut Commission 1986 – present
    • Age reader
    • PIT tag scan supervisor
  • BSc., Biology, University of Victoria
  • Certificate, Scientific Illustration, University of Washington
  • Piera Carpi, Timothy Loher, Lauri L. Sadorus, Joan E. Forsberg, Raymond A. Webster, Josep V. Planas, Andy Jasonowicz, Ian J. Stewart & Allan C. Hicks. 2021.Ontogenetic and spawning migration of Pacific halibut: a review. Rev Fish Biol Fisheries.
  • Webster, R. A., Clark, W. G., Leaman, B.M., and Forsberg, J.E. 2013. Pacific halibut on the move: a renewed understanding of adult migration from a coastwide tagging study. Can. J. Fish. Aquat.Sci. 70(4): 642-653
  • Kaimmer, S.M., Geernaert, T.O., and Forsberg, J.E. 2012. Development of deployment and retrieval protocols for Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) tags: Application to Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis). Int. Pac. Halibut Comm. Tech. Rep. 56.
  • Kastelle, C.R., and J.E. Forsberg. 2002. Testing for loss of Rn-222 from Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) otoliths. Fish. Res. 57:93-98.
  • Forsberg, J.E. 2001. Aging manual for Pacific halibut: procedures and methods used by the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC). Int. Pac. Halibut Comm. Tech. Rep. 46.
  • Clark, W.G., Vienneau, B.A., Blood, C.A., and Forsberg, J.E. 2000. A review of IPHC catch sampling for age and size composition from 1935 through 1999, including estimates for the years 1963-1990. Int. Pac. Halibut Comm. Tech. Rep. 42.
  • Hoag, S.H., St-Pierre, G., and Forsberg, J.E. 1997. Bottom area estimates of habitat for Pacific halibut.  Int. Pac. Halibut Comm. Tech. Rep. 36.
  • Gilroy, H.L., Forsberg, J.E., and Clark, W.G. 1995. Changes in commercial catch sampling and age determination procedures for Pacific halibut, 1982 to 1993. Int. Pac. Halibut Comm. Tech. Rep. 32.
  • Forsberg, J.E., and Neal, P.R. 1993. Estimating sex of Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) using Fourier shape analysis of otoliths. Int. Pac. Halibut Comm. Tech. Rep. 29.
  • Nagorsen, D.W., Morrisen, K.F., and Forsberg, J.E. 1989. Winter diet of Vancouver Island marten (Martes americana). Can. J. Zoo. 67:1394-1400.
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