Quick Links - How do I?

Looking for something specific?  Please review the expanded quick links below. 

How do I register...

for a Seminar Series event?

You may register here: http://bit.ly/iphcssreg

View our Seminar Series page for additional information. 

for a Commission or Subsidiary Body meeting?

View the Meeting Calendar to register for one of our meetings. Registration to attend in-person or via webinar is avaiable on each meeting page. 

How do I apply for...

IPHC opportunities?
(employment, internships, scholarships, setline survey)

Visit our Opportunities page for more information. 

a Pacific Halibut Vessel License for IPHC Regulatory Area 2A?

Visit our IPHC Regulatory Area 2A 2021 Pacific Halibut Vessel License Application (WA-OR-CA only) page for more information.

Source for Recreational Charter Fishery: (Deadline: None)
Incidental Commercial During Salmon Troll Fishery (Deadline: 15 March 2021)
Incidental Commercial during Longline Sablefish Fishery (Deadline: 31 May 2021)
Directed Commercial Fishery licences  (Deadline: 30 April 2021)

an IPHC Media & News Subscription?

Visit our Media and News subscription page to receive e-mail notifications of new developments at the IPHC.

an IPHC permit?

An IPHC Permit is required to capture or use Pacific halibut for any purpose not included in the International Pacific Halibut Commission Fishery Regulations (2021) (22 February 2021). This includes research or tagging activities by entities other than the IPHC.

An IPHC Permit may be requested via our Science and Research page. All permit requests must be submitted online.

The IPHC Secretariat will respond to the permit request with a letter approving or disapproving the request. If the permit is granted, the letter will include the terms and restrictions accompanying the permit.

a Pacific Halibut tag reward?

Review our Tag Recovery and Reward page. 

How do I access...

current Pacific Halibut Fishery Regulations?

Visit our Fishery Regulations page that is updated every year after the IPHC Annual Meeting. 

IPHC Rules and Procedures?

Visit The Commission page on our website. 

FISS Charter Data

If you are interested in downloading our static FISS datasets they can be found FISS Datasets webapge. 

the Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

IPHC Secretariat data?

Explore our interactive maps and queries through the Data Page where you can view and download data from our Fishery-Independent Setline Survey (FISS) and Commercial Fisheries. If you are interested in downloading our static FISS datasets they can be found FISS Datasets webapge. 

the IPHC document library?

Visit our Document Library for search options and an extensive catalog of information. You may also select one of the links below to take you directly to the document libary. 

How do I request...

a new/revised Pacific Halibut Fishery Regulation?

Visit the bottom of our Fishery Regulations page for a step-by-step guide to submitting new/revised fishery regulations. 

data that is not available through our website?

Visit our Data Request page. 

permission to use IPHC photos?

Submit our Photo Permission Form. Our public photos can be found in our Photo Gallery

a high-quality file of the IPHC logo?

Email the IPHC Secretariat through our Contact Us page. 

How do I contact...

the IPHC Secretariat?

Visit Contact IPHC

current IPHC Secretariat staff members?

Visit our IPHC Secretariat Staff page.