The IPHC is a public international organization and is not restricted by the nationality of candidates.

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IPHC Research Charters

Request for Tenders for the 2023 Catch Protection Pilot Study (CPS)

The International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) is seeking to charter a longline vessel to conduct a brief (2 preparation days and 5 fishing days) pilot experiment investigating devices intended to reduce marine mammal depredation of catch from longline gear. The purpose of the charter is to (1) investigate the logistics of setting, fishing, and hauling two pilot catch protection devices: a) an underwater shuttle and b) branchline gear with a sliding shroud system, and (2) investigate the basic performance of the gear on catch rates and fish size compared to traditional gear. This project will help refine potential devices that can be used in the Pacific halibut fishery to protect catch on the gear from removal or damage by whales and to potentially interrupt the reward cycle leading to depredation. Pilot fishing will not be conducted in the presence of whales and no fish from this study will be retained after sampling.

IPHC Fishery-independent Setline Survey (FISS)

Vessels Charters for Survey and Research

Early each year the IPHC seeks commercial Pacific halibut fishing vessels to conduct our annual FISS. Vessels need not be licensed for Pacific halibut fishing in Canada or the U.S.A. to be eligible. The IPHC is not restricted as to nationality of the vessels it charters for operation in any region as long as customs and immigration regulations are followed. The IPHC will consider only those vessels with captains and crews that have recent (within 5 years) Pacific halibut fishing experience. Most areas require vessels that have adequate deck space and suitable accommodations for two to three IPHC employees. For more information on submitting tenders for the IPHC’s FISS work, visit Vessel Recruiting.

IPHC Fishery-independent Setline Survey Specialist Position

The IPHC typically employs 25-30 seasonal setline survey specialists, formerly known as sea samplers, to work the fishery-independent setline survey running annually from late May through early September. Generally, two to three setline survey specialists are deployed on each vessel. They work as a team collecting a suite of biological and oceanographic data used to manage and monitor the Pacific halibut fishery. To learn more, visit Working as a Setline Survey Specialist.

Licensed Pacific Halibut Buyers

Pacific halibut sampled on FISS trips are sold at the end of each trip and proceeds are used to offset the cost of conducting the FISS. To be alerted to upcoming fish-buying opportunities, please complete the Interested Buyer’s Form.

Bait Suppliers and Salmon Processors

Every year the International Pacific Halibut Commission aquires bait for its fishery-independent setline survey. Due to the scientific nature of the study, IPHC bait quality requirements and standardization exceed those normally provided by industry as bait chums. The IPHC will consider quantity offered, size, quality, price per pound, and preseason storage location when making purchases. To learn more about IPHC's bait specifications please review Chapter 3 of the International Pacific Halibut Commission Fishry-Independent Setline Survey Sampling Manual (2021).

IPHC Internships

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IPHC Internships

The IPHC Internship Program is designed to give undergraduate students and recent 4-year college graduates exposure to a wide variety of tasks associated with the management of an international fisheries resource. Each intern is assigned a specific research project (chosen by the staff) which he/she executes. The intern works closely with a supervisor to ensure continuing progress toward work goals and with other staff members on the various tasks assigned.

IPHC Merit Scholarships

No Current Opportunities

The IPHC funds several Merit Scholarships to support university, technical college, and other post-secondary education. The scholarship fund has been established to assist the further education of Canadian and U.S.A. students connected to the Pacific halibut fishery. Generally, a single new scholarship valued at $4,000 (USD) per year is awarded every two years. The scholarships are renewable annually for the normal four-year period of undergraduate education, subject to maintenance of satisfactory academic performance. A Scholarship Committee composed of industry and Commission representatives reviews applications and determines recipients based on academic qualifications, career goals, and relationship to the Pacific halibut industry.

How information on past and current recipients please visit the IPHC Merit Scholarship Recipients page.