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IPHC Form – FISS Interested Buyer Form

To be included in requests for tenders for sales of fish from the IPHC Fishery-Independent Setline Survey (FISS). This form may also be submitted as a PDF file at (

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions presented below *
Company Information
Company name *
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Tax ID (EIN) *
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Buyer Name
Name *
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Fax Number *
E-mail *
Notify me of upcoming landings via: *
Alternate Authorized Bidder Name
Is there someone who fills or assists the main Pacific halibut buyer who should also be included on upcoming fish sale announcements?
Name *
Primary Phone Number *
Alternative Phone Number *
Email Address *
Is the person listed as the alternate authorized to submit bids? *
Ports of Interest
Indicate which ports you want to be notified about IPHC FISS landings.
Select all ports of interest *
For ports not in this list, type them in the 'Other' box, separated by commas.
Other Ports: *
Any additional comments or contact info can be entered below: *