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IPHC-2023-MR-015 100th Year of the International Pacific Halibut Commission

24 October 2023

SEATTLE – Welcome to the 100th year of the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC). Please join us over the coming twelve months as we celebrate the signing of the Convention for the Preservation of the Halibut Fishery of the Northern Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea, between Canada and the United States of America, and the remarkable work we have accomplished since.

The IPHC, initially named the International Fisheries Commission, was established as an international organisation by this Convention. For the last 99 years, the IPHC has been successfully managing the Pacific halibut resource for Canada and the U.S.A. through the application of rigorous science, innovation, and the implementation of international best practice. The IPHC was the first regional fishery management organisation of its kind, laying the foundation for all regional fishery management organisations active today.

The IPHC Convention was signed on 2 March 1923 (by both Contracting Parties), ratified by the US Senate on 31 May 1924, then by the President on 4 June 1924, and finally by Great Britain on 21 July 1924. Ratifications were exchanged on 21 October 1924 and proclaimed on 22 October 1924.

The convention came into force on the date of exchange, 21 October 1924.

The IPHC’s 1st year: 21 October 1924 to 20 October 1925

The IPHC’s 100th year runs from 21 October 2023 to 20 October 2024

Throughout the last century, our mission to develop and sustainably manage the Pacific halibut stock has brought together dedicated individuals and communities from all corners of the globe. The success of the IPHC would not have been possible without the unwavering commitment of our devoted partners, scientists, stakeholders, and fishing communities who have been instrumental throughout our journey.

Over the course of the next 12 months, the IPHC will hold several celebratory events, including a formal reception at our 100th Annual Meeting (AM100) in Anchorage, Alaska, on 22 January 2024. We hope you are all able to join us in reflecting and commemorating the rich history of the IPHC.

For further information please contact the IPHC Secretariat at or 206.634.1838.

    IPHC Secretariat
    International Pacific Halibut Commission
    2320 W. Commodore Way, Suite 300
    Seattle, WA 98199-1287
    206-634-1838 |


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