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IPHC-2023-MR-013 Call for proposals: IPHC 2023-24 Fishery Regulations process

31 July 2023

Seattle – The IPHC would like to extend an invitation to all stakeholders to consider submitting proposals for amendments to the IPHC Fishery Regulations for consideration during the 2023-24 process.

Please be reminded that the deadlines to submit proposals as part of the 2023-24 regulatory process are as follows (30 days prior to the opening of each of the Sessions):

  • 31 October 2023: for consideration at the 99th Session of the IPHC Interim Meeting (IM099);
  • 23 December 2023: for consideration at the 100th Session of the IPHC Annual Meeting (AM100).

While it is not a requirement to submit proposals for the Interim Meeting, it does assist the Commission in preparing for the decision-making process at the subsequent Annual Meeting.

To submit a regulatory proposal, please use the IPHC web portal.

More information will be posted on the IM099 and AM100 meeting pages:

IPHC Secretariat
International Pacific Halibut Commission
2320 W. Commodore Way, Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98199-1287
206-634-1838 |


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