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IPHC Media Release 2020-036 The IPHC Welcomes Commissioner Merrill and Farewells Commissioner Oliver

22 December 2020

SEATTLE – Merrill Named New Alternate Federal Commissioner of IPHC for the USA

Last week, the United States Department of State approved the nomination of Glenn Merrill to serve as the Alternate Federal Commissioner to the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC), his appointment effective date was 12 December 2020.

Mr Merrill has extensive experience in international fisheries and most recently served as a senior policy advisor to Mr Chris Oliver, the outgoing Presidentially appointed Commissioner (whose term expired on 12 December 2020). Mr Merrill has served as the Assistant Regional Administrator for Sustainable Fisheries at NOAA Fisheries’ Alaska Regional Office since 2011. In that role, Mr Merrill serves as the agency’s primary policy expert and public liaison for North Pacific fishery management, including Pacific halibut. He has also served as an Alternate Commissioner on the North Pacific Fisheries Commission and a Senior Policy Advisor for the Central Bering Sea Pollock Convention.

As I look back on my tenure with the IPHC, I am proud of the work accomplished between the US and Canada to manage and conserve the Pacific halibut resource across its range” said outgoing Commissioner Mr Chris Oliver. “Our actions have reflected a sensible and conservative approach for securing the future of this iconic and economically important species, and we have accomplished our goals in the spirit of mutual respect and cooperation.”  

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