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IPHC Media Release 2020-032 New Data Release – IPHC Fishery-Independent Setline Survey (FISS) Interactive Data (2020)

SEATTLE – The International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) is pleased to announce the scheduled data release of the interactive raw and adjusted (for hook competition and timing) data from our most recent Fishery-Independent Setline Survey (FISS):

The 2020 FISS raw and adjusted data results are now available on our interactive data webpage, provided at the link above. The available views allow users to interactively review the raw and adjusted results from the FISS for 2020 and prior years with an ability to drill down and track differences among areas and across years.

This release is focused on Catch-Per-Unit-Data with additional updates coming to FISS 2020 performance data (10 November 2020) and FISS 2020 biological data (18 November 2020)

The updated page may also be accessed via the “Data” link found at the top of each page of the IPHC website.

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