Allan Hicks , Ph.D.

Allan Hicks , Ph.D.

Quantitative Scientist
Quantitative Sciences Branch


Current IPHC Responsibilities:

I am currently working on updating IPHC’s harvest policy by implementing a stakeholder-guided management strategy evaluation (MSE). This involves working with the Management Strategy Advisory Board (MSAB) to identify potential management procedures to evaluate against defined goals and objectives. Other than the meetings with the MSAB each year, I am developing a simulation model to represent the Pacific halibut population, fisheries, and management system.

I am also working on other projects at the IPHC including assisting with the stock assessment and serving on the North Pacific Fishery Management Council’s Groundfish Plan Team.


I grew up fishing in the Rocky Mountains of Canada and off the coast of central California. It was when I was a dockworker and unloading fishing boats in Port San Luis, California that I realized I wanted to become more involved with the assessment and management of fisheries. After earning a BS in fisheries from Humboldt State University and an MS in statistics from University of Idaho, I accepted a position in New Zealand as a fisheries modeler, which was an incredible learning experience. I wanted to further my education, so I left New Zealand to earn a PhD in fisheries at the University of Washington.

I have been involved with many aspects of fisheries science, including designing fish surveys, participating in trawl and acoustic surveys, analyzing data from various surveys and sampling programs, assessing many different stocks, and performing management strategy evaluations. Some of the more memorable species I have worked with are orange roughy while at NIWA in New Zealand, Pacific hake, Petrale sole, and widow rockfish while at the NWFSC in Seattle, and now Pacific halibut at the IPHC.