Lauri Sadorus , M.Sc.

Lauri Sadorus , M.Sc.

Research Biologist
Biological & Ecosystem Sciences Branch


Current IPHC Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the oceanographic data collection program on the Fishery-independent Setline Survey (FISS)
  • Liaison with NMFS to collect Pacific halibut data on groundfish trawl surveys
  • Larval distribution studies
  • Implementation of the undergraduate internship program
  • Publications


  • Began working at the IPHC in Spring of 1990 as a seasonal hire to work in the fishing ports.
  • Since being hired on a permanent basis in Fall of 1990, I have been involved in a variety of tasks. Some highlights include:
    • oceanographic data collection program
    • NMFS trawl survey data collection
    • larval distribution studies
    • undergraduate internship program
    • staff editor and publications coordinator
    • hiring and training of setline survey samplers
    • Pacific halibut bycatch viability training of NMFS observers
    • field (port and vessel) biologist


  • M.S. from University of Washington 
  • B.S. from Oregon State University 

Research Activities:

  • The use of oceanographic data coupled with biological data collected on the FISS to examine the effects of climate variability on the distribution of Pacific halibut.
  • Pacific halibut larval distribution and the connectivity of larvae between the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea.


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  • Sadorus, L. L. 2012. Exploring the role of oceanographic features in the spatial distribution of Pacific halibut and other longline-caught fishes off the west coast from southern Oregon to Queen Charlotte Sound, British Columbia. MS thesis, University of Washington, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, Seattle, WA.
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  • Pacific halibut larval dispersal in the north Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea. Sadorus, L., Goldstein, E., Planas, J., Duffy-Anderson, J. 10th International Flatfish Symposium, Saint-Malo, France, November 11-16, 2017 [Oral Presentation]
  • Modelling the relative importance of near-bottom temperature and dissolved oxygen to the distribution of adult Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis). Sadorus, L. and Walker, J. Ocean Sciences Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana, February 21-26, 2016. [Poster]
  • Juvenile halibut distribution and abundance in relation to environmental factors in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea. Sadorus, L., Stewart, I., and Kong, T. 9th International Flatfish Symposium, Cle Elum, Washington, November 9-14, 2014. [Poster
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