Directed - IPHC Regulatory Area 2A

Directed - IPHC Regulatory Area 2A

Washington, Oregon, and California—Directed Commercial Fisheries

IPHC Regulatory Area 2A is located off the USA West Coast in waters off Washington (WA), Oregon (OR), and California (CA). IPHC sets the overall mortality limit for the area. The IPHC Regulatory Area 2A Catch Sharing Plan as put forth by the Pacific Fishery Management Council and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries provides the formulas to then allocate Pacific halibut among user groups in IPHC Regulatory Area 2A.

The directed commercial fishery in this IPHC Regulatory Area consists of:

  • Directed commercial fishery
  • Incidental commercial Pacific halibut fishery during the sablefish fishery
  • Incidental commercial Pacific halibut fishery during the salmon troll fishery

Commercial fisheries data organized by IPHC Regulatory Area and year are available here.


The NOAA Fisheries final rule (87 FR 74322) implementing the management transition in the IPHC Regulatory Area 2A to the NOAA Fisheries was published on 5 December 2022 and became effective on 4 January 2023.

As of 2023, commercial vessels retaining Pacific halibut in IPHC Regulatory Area 2A must obtain a permit from NOAA Fisheries.

Online permit application forms are now available through the NOAA Fisheries West Coast region web page.


Pacific Fishery Management Council

NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region