Pacific Halibut Directed Commercial Datasets

Pacific Halibut Directed Commercial  Landings

IPHC Statistical Area and Year - head-off, dressed weight; 1991-2020 iphc-pdf-icon.png
IPHC Port - head off, dressed weight; 2015-2020 iphc-pdf-icon.png
Directed commercial Pacific halibut landings (net weight) by IPHC Statistical Area (161-184) and depth, March - August iphc-pdf-icon.png
IPHC Regulatory Area 2A Non-treaty Directed Commercial Pacific halibut landings by vessel class and opening, 2017-2021 iphc-pdf-icon.png
Estimated directed commercial Pacific halibut removals (net weight) in relation to BOEM Call Areas off Oregon, 2010-2021 (xlsx)
GIS shapefile illustrating relative distribution of directed commercial Pacific halibut removals off Oregon (shp)
shapefile icon

Pacific Halibut Directed Commercial  Openings

Fishery opening dates - IPHC Regulatory Area 2C; 1980-1985 iphc-pdf-icon.png
Additional summaries in progress