Commercial Opening Dates

Commercial Catch Limits by Regulatory Area and Year

Commercial Catch by Regulatory Area and Year

Commercial halibut catch and effort for IPHC statistical areas on the B.C. coast (Regulatory Area 2B, 1980-2010)

Commercial and IPHC Research Catch by IPHC Statistical Area

*IPHC statistical area information can be found in IPHC Technical Report No. 49

  • Commerical catch by statistical area (CSV file) - Please note: these data may differ from previously published material due to rounding or data editing over the years. Some statistical areas have been grouped for confidentiality. To use this file, right-click on the link, save the file to your hard drive, and open using a spreadsheet program.

Commercial Catch by Fishing Period

Sector Removals by Regulatory Area

Commercial and Research Catch of Halibut in Alaska by Year


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